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Essential Oils
We bring forth a collection of essential oils to be used in many products and in aromatherapy practice. Our company supplies lemongrass oil, anethole oil, terpineol oil and other oils extracted from steam distillation or any other method.
Himalayan Root And Seed Oil
In the Himalayan root and seed oil category, we have several oils that are formed using the seeds and roots. These oils are utilized for aromatherapy and added to several products.
Clove Oil Fraction
Clove oil fractions are liquid solutions with different amount of eugenol in them. All these solutions have common fragrance which is strong and pungent.
Spices Oil
From black pepper, cardamom, turmeric, to ginger, find a variety of spices oils here. Our company produces this range following an ancient old but highly effective technique called steam distillation.
Mentha Oil Fractions
Buy from us mentha oil fractions, which include liquid menthol, peppermint oil and more; which are clear liquid and characteristically oily liquid soluble in alcohol.
Eucalyptus Oil Fractions
Buy from us pure, 100% original eucalyptus oil fractions for pharmaceutical, industrial and other personal uses. People can use the essential oil at home to relieve pains and aches, as well as a mouthwash.
Spearmint Oil Fractions
Use our spearmint oil fractions for its therapeutic properties. The oil can be used in different ways such as aromatherapy and for topical use to enhance mood, improve digestion, cleanse skin and revitalize.
Carrier Oil
Whether you want to apply an essential oil onto the skin or hair, it is essential to dilute the essential oil with carrier oil. The combination of oils will be beneficial in improving the look and feel of the skin as well as hair.
Fruit Oil
In our range of fruit oil, we currently have grapefruit oil which can be used for personal care. The oil is soluble in alcohol and oils; and insoluble in water.

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